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The internal matrix of your bespoke wardrobe can be made up to organise every item you wish to store.


With a choice of short, three quarter or full length hanging space combined with internal shelving and drawers, your wardrobe space is used to the optimum.

Match this with an extensive range of useful accessories, including shoe holders, tie racks, baskets, trouser racks (to name but a few!) and you have your storage solutions perfected, and amalgamated within one stylish and exclusive concept.


Walk In Wardrobes

Imagine walking into your personally designed closet.

Deep drawers provide plentiful space for folded items
Shoe holders cater for everything from knee high boots to slippers.
Endless height adjustable shelving lends a home to bags and accessories.
An eye catching centre unit offers even more storage together with seating.

Everything comes together in one space personally designed to meet your needs.



Reach In Wardrobes

You have tired of more traditional fashions of the "two door, one rail" kind, and are now looking to maximise every bit of space you have for a wardrobe.

With options including double hanging, adjustable shelving, sliding doors and accessories, you will undoubtedly create more space and order in your bedroom.

Wire baskets, Cane Baskets, Drawers and many other options are available.


Child/Teenage Wardrobes

Can you imagine never having to worry about where all of their toys, books, CDs, stationary and games are going to go again?

Well imagine no longer

Clear the clutter from the floor of your child/teenagers bedroom and condense it into one personally designed space, which is fully interchangeable to grow with your child / teenager.

Full range of accessories and colour options available