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FEG Wardrobe System

The unique design that includes anodised aluminium wall uprights combined with back paneling & support shelves creates an open structure that will suit any linear, L-Shape or C-Shape wardrobe composition.


FEG offers a complete solution that combines hanging drawer unit hardware, hanging rods and clothing accessories to create a wardrobe system that delivers flexibility during construction & installation as well as to the wardrobe user.  The unique wardrobe system design can be configured with or without back paneling, giving it the flexibility to meet a variety of budget more



Storage Solutions
Our friendly and professional designers can visit you in your own home, to talk through your requirements, and to give you practical and up to date advice on what will work best to optimise the space that you have.


Our job is to ensure that you get exactly what you want, and need. Visiting your home gives our designers a real 'feel' for what will compliment you existing abode, and also ensures that they can take accurate and exact measurements. With their imaginative use of space, our designers will ensure that you can make use of every available area within your wardrobe.


There are a huge range of textures, colours and finishes available, and our designers can offer their advice and suggestions; working with you to create the 'look' that you desire. With a number of accessories also available, the choices to you will be endless!





And remember…..this design service is completely free, whether you decide to buy, or not.


The price of our product and service to you is calculated using an accurate costing system that has been developed and used by us very successfully over many years.

Irrespective of its size, each section or block of furniture, has its own individual price and specification. Therefore, our calculations are made according to the unique proportions of your wardrobe; the amount of storage that you require and the choice of fittings, finishes and accessories that you specify.

We believe this to be a positive, reliable and fair way of providing you with an 'individual customer price' which ensures that you only pay for exactly what you need and/or want.


An estimate will be given by our designers during their visit to your home, and a full written quotation will be provided as a follow up. The price that we give you will be inclusive of manufacture, design and installation. You pay one price for the full service.