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Many of us have always longed to make better use of our laundry/utility areas, but seldom do anything to enhance these areas as they are not always a priority.

However, given half the chance we would:


Increase our storage availability to make room for all our linen.
Tidy away cleaning and washing products into a safe cupboard/area.
Hide that ironing board that keeps sliding away from the wall.
Generally smarten up the appearance of 'that area' to include uniformed cupboards, shelving, drawers and of course the washing machine!


This no longer needs to be a 'possibility' on your wish list.


Have you got an old laundry area which needs a complete revamp?

Perhaps you have an area/room that you would like to create for all you laundry / linen needs?

Do you have a brand new home which needs valuable extra storage, and smart ideas for storage?

Or maybe you are still in the process of designing your new home?


You can easily enhance this area of your home, and within very reasonable budgets - Contact us immediately for a free consultation with one of our professional and experienced designers.